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Term 2
Enrolments Now Open!

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Mon 29 April - 24 June 2019 (8 weeks)*

Tues 30 April - 25 June 2019 (9 weeks)

Public holiday Mon 10th June


See below for program and package prices . For information on our cancellation policy please click here. Bookings are essential for all programs, and all classes are subject to a minimum/maximum numbers. We do take new enrolments during term, we prorata your term fee depending on the number of weeks left in term.

If this is your first time you have enrolled in Sporty Kids you will be charged an additional Registration Fee of $40. This is a one off charge. At Sporty Kids we do not charge an annual fee. See below for details

For information about our wet weather policies - click here






Mini Sports

2.5 - 3.5 year olds

30 min

$117 (9 weeks)

$104 (8 weeks)

Soccer & Multi Sports

3-5 year olds

45 min

$157.50 (9 weeks)

$140 (8 weeks)

* Every first time enrolment will be charged a Registration Fee


Sporty Kids does have a Registration Fee of $40

The one off  Registration Fee will include the administration of your enrolment and insurances, we include a FREE Soccer Strip (shirt and shorts).

This fee is not negotiable.



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